Styling Hide/Show Column Selector

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Styling Hide/Show Column Selector

Post by ekidhardt »

Okay - I have a subfile in a layout with 39 columns. It scrolls horizontally and I am trying to allow users to hide / show columns. When the heading is right clicked, a popup appears with a displayed Columns option. When I hover / click this option, a list of all the columns is displayed. The issue is that the list doesn't scroll. I have too many fields,they don't all fit within the list in the layout, and the list does not scroll.

I know how I would go about fixing it - override the "pui-hide-show-columns-list" class with a fixed size for the list and overflow-x to scroll. I am trying to avoid having a single css file for each display file, but adding this to my global css would affect all displays.

Is there a data structure or api to allow me to style this element on the fly from some event in JavaScript?
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Re: Styling Hide/Show Column Selector

Post by Emily »

Hi Ed,

The problem that you are experiencing was a bug in Profound UI. The fix for this is included in Profound UI Version 6, Fix Pack 0.3. If you upgrade, you should see that this list now scrolls like you're expecting. If you are running Version 6, Fix Pack 0.3 and this isn't working properly for you, please let us know.

I hope that this helps!
Emily Seage
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Re: Styling Hide/Show Column Selector

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I am using the "hide columns option" property and it still does not show all the available columns. I had to increase the length of the layout that holds the grid. All the selectable columns to show/hide are now visible, but the scroll bar will not show up. Other applications we have do show the scroll bar. It might be that if the grid is shorter than the size of the "hide columns option", then it does not show all the columns that being selectable. We are at 6.0 Fix Pack 20.0
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