Gui vs Green screen (Hybrid)

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Gui vs Green screen (Hybrid)

Post by gleary »

I a program that offers Green screen and Rich Display File screens. How can I determine in the program which environment the user is in? I am printing to a serial port for the green screen and can not do this on my Rich Display File. I need to call a different program for the Rich Display File app.
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Re: Gui vs Green screen (Hybrid)

Post by Scott Klement »

Hi Gordon,

Since you mention having a mix of 5250 and rich displays, it sounds like you are probably running everything in Genie, correct? There is a program provided in Genie that can be used to detect the environment, more info about this can be found here:

If you have the same question when running via the RIch DIsplay session controller (i.e. you use the /profoundui/start URL, or launch programs from Atrium via a "Rich Display" launcher) then you can check for the PROFOUNDUI environment variable. There's some information about that, here:

I'll move this discussion to the Genie forum, since it doesn't appear to be related in any way to Universal Displays.
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